Residential Garage Door Repair

When it comes to the garage doors at home or residential garage doors you must make sure that they’resturdy and of high quality always to avoid unfound events at your home. Columbia Garage Repairs makes sure that all of that is dealt with since we are committed to provide excellent services and customer relations.

We offer installation services and you can choose from wood, steel or have us help you design your custom garage doors. Columbia Garage Repair technicians will make sure your residential garage doors are installed with utmost care and precision.

Columbia Garage Door Repair also offers a routine maintenance program for your residential garage doors.

By maintaining your residential garage doors regularly you can cut down the repairs cost or the inconvenience of an inaccessible garage.We inspect and provide a tune up for your residential garage door to make sure they function with ease.

We fix malfunctioning garage doors by inspecting and repairing broken parts of your garage doors like: broken springs or replacing a worn out motor.

We also provide other services like:

  • Home garage entryways repairs
  • Repairs and automation of existing door and openers

Locations we serve locally

  • Adams Morgan
  • Capital Hill
  • China Town
  • Cleveland Park
  • Friendship Highets
  • Georgtown
  • Gloverpark
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Union Station
  • Waterfront
  • Woodlypark
  • All of North West
  • All of North West
  • All of North East
  • All of South West
  • All of South East

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